ATTENTION: Due to Covid 19 the exhibition has been canceled. 

This is an open call to all BA & MA students, academic staff and alumni of the Iceland University of the Arts to contribute and engage in a happening for one week during DesignMarch 2020. Where we will attempt to live in the collective fictional future of 2050 for one week. Where the context of Iceland will serve as our scene. We will attempt to experiment with different platforms and formats for pondering, wondering, speculation and critical reflection.

Image credits: Yifan Hu

Manifesting the future invokes our imagination, whereas different people will have different reactions to notions of the future. Some will see it at a utopian state, some a sense of dystopia. While others will embrace the conflicts between these dualistic viewpoints. The 2050 space will act as a scenography to these multitude points of view and will host series of possibilities, such as; events, exhibitions, catwalks, processes, lectures, presentations, debates, symposiums, music events, parties, experimental work, performances, food events, dance, work, podcasts, filming, screenings, VR, AR experiences and games to name a few.

3d Rendering: Waqar Sarwar

2050 is open to all suggestions of possible engagements to the subject and welcome proposals that are or invite fields outside the Design & Architecture sphere.

Selection will be made from proposals based on relevance to the topic as well as how the proposals could potentially intra-act with each other spatially. The curational aim is to include as many voices as possible.

Image credits: Erewhon Group from Confluence Workshop

2050 is curated by MA Design Explorations & Translations program director Gardar Eyjolfsson on behalf of the Design & Architecture Department of Iceland University of the Arts.

Exhibition will be held at Hafnartorg, where the ground floor will be transformed into an active event, lounge and exhibition space, immersed with athmospheric scenography from the future.

Deadline for applications is 6th of February 2020