MA Design, Exposition 2020

Exposition is an archive of the conceptual processes and sketches relating to the delayed final show of the Explorations & Translations program graduation class. Emerging from transdisciplinary backgrounds, we utilized the differences of our individual practices as intersectional inspiration in the creation of our final show, represented through communal collectivity. Within the adventurous proximity of our studio culture, the conditions were created to form a cohesive vision as difference transformed into connection. 

Exposition proposes works not being exhibited –– but rather exposed, not only in sight, but internalized as agency by the view and participant. The exposition embodying the morphology through time, the participant inside of our altered reality, becoming a component of the scenography. In this conceptual framework, the Ásmundarsalur gallery functions as the location grounding these concepts and us in place.

During the semester, the topology of organization and communication was re-oriented in response to the Covid-19 crisis. The restrictions resulted in the closing of the university for the two months, during which our correspondence moved to digital methods while the country closed all non-essential business and introduced social distancing measures. As we existed in the loop of our domiciled isolation, methods of corporeal transportation reconstituted as moving image mediated by the Microsoft Teams platform. Accepting the challenge, we responded with media-based explorations and experimentations during our weekly online gatherings, merging the virtual with tangible, balancing on the edges of reality and fiction as our final exposition was moved from May to August.

The dynamism of the journey is presented here as a conceptual sketch of the future, resulting from a collection of individual theoretical and conceptual inputs. The exposition manifests the common ground and textual arrangements that tie us together –– to the state of pandemic, collective aesthetics, texts and projects that were produced from our immobilized state of isolated bodies. The vehicle is a portal, the hyperreal amphibious train, organized without body, tactile locality structured through the projected self. 

In August the exposition will take place; physically grounded in Ásmundarsalur gallery, yet digitally travelling through multiple universes. In order to blend the conceptual conditions to the physical location of the exposition, we will be incorporating livestreaming strategies in combination with the use of green screen as a reflection of this process.