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Lisa Geyersbach

This project created the opportunity to see the drag and queer scene, its development and translation into art from completely different perspectives. It is so much more than gay men imitating women – it’s an art form which can include everything & nothing at the same time. Drag describes basically performers who manipulate gender and use it as a form of entertainment and expression – it can be performing, singing or dancing. It can be humorous & funny or emotional & sad. It can be political or neither of all. For some it's more about the performance part rather than a question about identity. And for some it's the the other way around – drag can be everything and that makes it so diverse.

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The Future of Food - Alternate Realities
Naomi Loabile

Food waste is a universal problem. The impact on the environment from food production and intake is worsened when food is wasted rather than consumed. I explore through speculative design ideas on how the future of food and its chain could be affected by the current food waste of today. Using the current situation of Covid-19 and the way food chains and supplies have been affected and how it could affect the way things are done currently. Through this is an ongoing speculative design project through the use of a website I am exploring the speculation of how the future of food from the current situation of food waste of today could possibly look in the future if issues are addressed or ignored.




Consuming Consumer
Guðný Sara Birgisdóttir

The project sheds a light on the function of Icelandic agriculture regarding farming, regulations, technology and history in the context of changed consumer habits of the population. An urgent change is needed in regulations for Icelandic agriculture and we might need a good discourse of the matter to draw attention to it, as well as increased use of technology in farming. I decided to look at these agricultural matters from the viewpoint of a research designer and made a documentary and a set of performed traditional Icelandic “rímur” poetry.

How are Icelandic regulations in agriculture supporting fast changing consumer habits in the country, and how might farming and agriculture change with emergent technologies?

Laser teat from Guðný Sara Birgisdóttir on Vimeo.

Stills from the documentary Consuming Consumer:

Drawings made for thesis:

Animated drone gif

The whole documentary:

Me Handling the Internet
by Sonja Schwarz

Mapping the Track of Hyperlinks 
Writing Letters on Facebook

Carving Significant Messages

Currently Posting on Instagram

We crave more and more data for our virtual presence. For that our technological devices make uploading, downloading, communicating and sharing as simple and limitless as possible. On the others side this leads to an overproduction and consumption of data that we have to handle. Speaking from my own experience it’s easy to loose orientation due to the massive amount and speed of information exchange. It’s a feeling of being overflowed by gratuitous and pointless data. This project question how we ourself behave in relation to technology and ask for meaning and value in virtual realities.


Psychonaut// Lucidity

Vikram Pradhan

A Psychonaut is a person who explores activities by which altered states of consciousness are induced and utilized for spiritual purposes or the exploration of the human condition, including shamanism, lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, sensory deprivation, and both archaic and modern users of entheogenic substances, in order to gain deeper insights into the mind and spirituality. 

The world will change drastically by 2050 affected by various factors that are anthropological.
In human history there has been extensive inquiry into the workings of the mind, from surreal artists, visionary artists, scientists, psychologists to us thinking about it as a fleeting thought.
In this speculative situation of mine, I imagine the rise of a new profession that relates to the exploration of the mind. As astronauts explore the endless expanse of outer space, there will be psychonauts exploring the vast expanse of the dream state and the subconscious. A time when there will be sleep institutes and universities to help aid this exploration of different dimensions in side our own subconscious world. Training centres for psychonauts to learn the dream state and how it functions. To learn how we can prolong our stay in this state and how we can efficiently use this information for our own understanding of physics, psychology and the universe.  

The project involves a Lucid Dreaming workshop which gave rise to a dream library. I saw this as a way of getting news and information from the dream world. The group participating in the workshop were the contributers to a fictional/non-fictional radio directly. In a way they are psychonauts exploring the dream world and they are getting information and news from the dream world. I would say these psychonauts are like dream journalists. The news they would bring back would just be the observations they have while dreaming and the nature of their dream. It can be the simplest dream or a very complex one, but each and every piece of information is important to this radio. The radio acts like a threshold between the dream world and the waking world.

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The Last Meow

by Janosch Bela Kratz

“The Last Meow” is a superfiction. 

Cyborg   +   Chimera   =   Cymera

The actors are two semi fictional public institutions
that work together to develop the idea of a posthuman species 
that tears down boundries between humans, animals and robots through a final fusion.

Operates as the connection to reality and as foundation for further fictional speculations. Gathers pop cultural, scientific and theoretical resources and publishes them online. Within the project it works as an archive and manifestation for the preceded research which is also feeded with (not real) images* of prehistorical artifacts of early Cymeras. 

Iceland, Reykjavík

Illustrates the speculative reality of the Cymera through a visual language orientated on AI images and organic mutations. It is able to act activistic and radical through social media and to take part in public discussions about animal rights, robot ethic and the definition of human.
*A (not real) cat tail butt plug bone with wires

accompanied by comic stripes inspired by “Baby Blues” and “Addams Family”
to counteract the serious atmosphere and add a humoristic and slightly critical tone

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Waqar Sarwar:

The term “Colorism” is used for the discrimination of individuals or a group of people based on their skin color. Typically, favoritism is demonstrated toward those of lighter complexions while those of darker complexions experience rejection and mistreatment. Roots of colorism are attached to slavery. I belong to a country where I saw different inequalities when I was growing up. For example, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, beautiful and ugly. When I was thinking about my topic, the word “beautiful and ugly” forced me to work on this project because I always listened in my society that light skin color is a sign of beauty and higher class, while Dark skin complexion is something bad. People in many Asian, African, and Caribbean countries still believe that with the lighter skin tone they will be more successful in society. Proof is of the increasing demand for skin whitening creams in these countries. As I know that in my country “Pakistan” the majority of people, especially girls, are using various skin whitening products just because of the pressure of society and unrealistic standards of beauty. According to the world health organization mercury-containing skin lightening products are highly risky for human health. Such kind of products are strictly banned in many countries, but in many Asian and African countries, people are still using this kind of product. I guess, we still need to create a public awareness that they are perfect with their natural color. If, someone personally wants to change his/her color there is no harm in that case. But, if people are just doing that what the other people will think, this is such a big problem and I am trying to change the mindset of people through my artifacts and Video. I want to address the young generation to start sharing their view on this topic and I guess this small voice can be changed into a big campaign.

LHI  MA VR studio

Fancisco Cuéllar.

The VR studio is a spece for sharing ideas and projects from the students within the online platform Hubs by Mozilla. The aim of the VR studio is to grow the reach of the projects to the general public and people interested in the school program. 
The studio allows the users to upload and interact with different medias such a 3D models, 360º videos, youtube videos, and drawing in real time.
The facility and freedom of this environment engage people with the process and the final version of the project thanks to the interactive environment.
Another useful feature is the creation and recreation of the space. Diferent rooms and objects can change the appearance really easy adapting the space to the necessity of the users.

Project Title:
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100 word discription:
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Project Title:
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Project Title:
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