Iceland Goat Waves has been a concert featuring Icelandic Goats of the Fjölskyldu- og húsdýragarðurinn, Genki Instruments and organized by the 2nd year MA Design students.

In the emergent field of speculative and contemporary design, the focus on designing and promoting alternative realities has become increasingly necessary. Exploring this field, the 2nd year MA Design Explorations & Translations program has utilized the perspective of the non-human (the Icelandic Goat) to represent a scenario of technological empowerment and accessibility in the form of musical performance using the Genki Wave Ring. By questioning the matter of accessibility to the technological realm using the Genki Ring and Motion, the MA Design department initiates a scenario that allows the Goats to use wearable technology to create music. Within this scenario we question what it means to have access to this technology and consider a more balanced technological ecosystem.

To find a glimpse of control in this environment filled with absurds; build by human and to be spectated by one.

- Skriða
- Frigg
- Ronja

A special Thanks to the People working at the Zoo, the Genki Instruments team for the Wave Rings and their support, and the Goats: Siða, Ronja, Rák, Djarfur, Heiðrún, Skriða, Garún and Frigg.

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