Perception / Time / 2020

Glitský / Foundation
Guðný Sara Birgisdóttir and Lisa Geyersbach

Our  project involves  researching  the effects  of  a web  gallery  and database  for artwork made by people suffering from dementia. We want to look at the interest and how people would like to utilize the forum and the effect it might have. We also want to look into these factors at care homes where we research residents, their families, care takers and occupational therapists. The goal is to invigorate and restore the brain and promote the mental stimulation by looking at art. Research shows the great impact art has on perception, memory, skills,  communication and  visuospatial  functions. The web  gallery is  a platform for their works of art to really shine, thereby hopefully encourage people‘s well-being and comfort.

The machine-tool dilemma
Francisco Cuéllar

In the book Techniques and civilizations by Lewis Mumford, the author settles and important difference in chapter one.

“The essential distinction of a machine and a tool lies in the degree of independence in the operation from the skill and motive power of the operator.

The tool lends itself to manipulation, the machine to automatic action.”

The idea of a time machine in this project does not refer to the conventional technological apparatus that takes us to other places. We will stick to Mumford's definition and say that real time machine is a free life form that has its own will and cannot be controlled.

The project deals with the current situation of quarantine and represents how time is changing its value in isolation. I this case, time is losing importance.

We are living our lives without time. We have nothing to do nor places to be at, therefore, we do not use it anymore. So, what is time doing then? Nothing! But time needs to be used.
At this point, time turned itself into physical to let us travel to different realities in order to escape from this loop we are living in, so we can use time again.

Due to isolation, people stopped caring about time and how to measure it. They don´t have to do it anymore, time turned useless. But time is not something we create nor something we can control, it’s alive and it’s everywhere. It has its own mind and will. Time thinks that, if we don’t use it, it will disappear. So, it turned itself into physical organic entities.
Using daily objects and scenes created specifically for each person, time opened different ways so people can choose places to escape and use time again to live a normal life.

As we are focusing the projects in the year 2050, The aim is to think what will be our relation with time and what challenges will humanity face in the future.
The isolation topic we are dealing with now can take us to our relation with isolation in the future. In the next decades, space exploration with humans will resume. How humans will behave and how to keep them concentrated and focused? In my opinion, resistance to be alone and within restricted spaces for a long time will be useful skills that humans are going to develop more.

Having these personal rooms that people can interact with VR is giving the opportunity to explore their minds physically. In the future, if we can´t have contact, the VR self mind exploring could be an important leisure activity.

Paulina Mimberg

Nora is suffering from multiple sklerosis and dependent on her wheelchair. Tired of life, one day she finds out about an activity, that allows her to end her life
self-determinated . The audiobook Sunfloated is about an activity, that gives Nora the possibility to die in a different, a peaceful and adventurous way. 

Time in Moments
Naomi Loabile

Time is the continuing progression of experiences taking place, past, present, and future. In my project I consider how we look at and perceive time from day to day and over our lifetime. Are we living in the moment or are we constantly elsewhere in our minds? Time surrounds us in every way but how do we recognize it? Is it through moments, feelings, smells, actions, or repetition of schedules? How do you measure time in the hustle and bustle of daily life? How do you see time pass by? Is it in the way you capture a moment in paint or print to last a lifetime and more, or is it in movement and motions? The keeping of time is our own invention which we have become a slave to. Are we able to change the way we look and perceive time to not have it as our own constraint? Will time ever cease to be of concern to us?


Relicts of a Time Beyond the Clock
by Janosch Bela Kratz and Sonja Schwarz

Time perception is individual. This project is exploring things that determine how we spend our individual time just as the coffee we drink every day, the pause for smoking a cigarette or dust on the shelf that tells you the time has come to clean again. First we confused and disturbed our concept of time by small experiments that provide alternatives of how else we could  measure time. Second we empowered our individual time perception through creating relicts that contain the alternatives and replace the object of a clock. Third we created an interactive, immersive virtual altar in form of a website that shows the collection of relicts to invite and inspire people to not take the clock to serious and hopefully forget about the ticking time for a moment.

Cable-Car (RYK-KEF-RYK)

Waqar Sarwar

Transportation plays an important role in our lives, and to a large extent, it relates to time.  How fast or slow you are traveling, either you are enjoying your time during the travel or you’re getting bore, this is very important. This tiny island is a developed country and included in the list of the top 50 richest countries in the world. Iceland has been a popular tourist attraction for many years. With the number of tourists increasing each year, we need to work on the development of the country. As a student of art and design, I am presenting a cable car proposal for the future. If we talk about different options for transportation from Reykjavik city to Keflavik International airport, there are only a few options to go to the airport. One is a private bus service. Two companies are offering this quite expensive service. The other option is hiring a car which is also an expensive service. The country produces 100 percent renewable energy through hydro and geothermal resources. Iceland might use this natural energy for this kind of public transportation as well. We can reduce the road network, and I hope so this idea can be helpful to control the traffic in the future. What I thought, we can give a warm welcome to all new tourists with a unique cable car service. This would be a different experience for people where they will enjoy the weather and landscape of Iceland during their trip towards the city.

Heirs Of Time

Vikram Pradhan

Music is known to alter people’s ordinary experience of space and time. Einstein’s work in the 20th century and especially quantum mechanics have abandoned the idea of invariant space and time. Instead it is known that space can be bent or dilated and time can pass at various speeds depending on the perspective of the beholder. This way there is no real heir of time.

Through this project I have explored this quality of time and music by studying and experimenting, with different types of examples. And tried to visually represent this quality of music through different mediums, specifically film and fictional writing, and see how film and music go hand in hand in changing how we feel in time and space. In many ways this project would look into how music would play an important role in the coming future. Edwin Way Teale, an American naturalist had said that :

time and space - time to be alone, space to move about- these may well become the scarcities of tomorrow.

It is quite a true statement as we progress into the coming years of humanity. In times like these we do revert to music to make us feel a certain way. It might be an important tool to create a certain sense of time and space and can be used as a tool to create specific emotions.  

The project revolves around a main script whch is based in a future where music is used intentionally to create specific emotions. The text revolves around a man recently hospitalized due to interference in his order of time. The film that accompanies the text is an entry point into the questioning of time and music by the protagonist. The script for the film is a short extract of the main story. 

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