Vatnsmyri : Carbon Copyº

by Vikram Pradhan

This project is an attempt to show how alive and breathing the area of Vatnsmyri is through the mirroring of the area. By using symmetry  as a lens the landscape changes presenting a new way of looking at this area which could be lost soon.

Mirrors frequently emerge in legends and fairytales; mirrors could show what happened in the past or what will happen in the future or what is happening now from a very far distance.While the technological capacity to produce larger mirrors was changing practices of art and fashion in the seventeenth century, much earlier, small mirrors—themselves a technological wonder—became more widely available across Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Such mirrors afforded people a view of their bodies (faces), often for the first time—and often revealing a surprising asymmetry between the way one felt and the way one looked, the way one imagined oneself and the way one appeared in the flesh. It is said that the mirror is the symbol of imagery or of awareness. The mirror has the ability to copy the visible reflections of the world in its own figural reality.

Using the mirror as a lens in seeing Vatnsmyri has opened room for self gazing, self reflection and critical self intervention. In a way made room for seeing this area again for the first time even though it is a reflection of itself. Also by using binaural waves corresponding the dreaming state, the viewer is made to self reflect and self gaze.  

Process Pictures :

3d Renderings of how nature is alive and taking over human possessions.

Map Manipulations :

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