Confluence - The junction of two rivers merging.

A week long workshop with Garðar Eyjólfsson that dealt with; time, multiple timelines and the possible merging of realities; past, present and the future. The workshop will aim at manifesting (im)possible possibilities through narrative media; scenes, props, fiction, photography and film, merging our present reality with notions of emergent technologies.

Cold Spot in the cosmic microwave background radiation have spunned forward theories of multiple or paralel dimensions, realities.


We attempt to manifest our concepts through the lens of magic realism. Where the local context of Reykjavík, Iceland serves as our scene of reality in confluence with notions of emergent technologies.

Confluence is a series of ponderings (quick thought excersises), mixing time, fictional realities as well as the present reality, here, now, Reykjavík, Iceland. Over the course of the week we were presented with a brief every day and asked to turn up with a translation of that brief the following day, twenty four hours later.

Brief no.1

A single photograph. Future trace of emergent technology on the environment (through the lens of magic realism?)

Brief no.2

A single prop that lives within the confluence of the fictional and present reality (through the lens of magic realism?).

Brief no.4

Intervention into reality. Can the fiction affect the very fabric of our present reality (through the lens of magic realism?).

Brief no.5

A 15 second scene that lives within the confluence of the fictional and present reality (through the lens of magic realism?).

  Being in constant fusion with their companion Replika, humans started to act like machines, having mechanical behaviours and feeling less and less emotions. Unable to distinguish humans from robots, a post-human society emerged, composed of cyborg, trans-humans and other entities merging with technology.

Less emotions were experienced and they began losing all sense of sentiment. Some of the new specie started to reconnect themselves and escape to feelings. They traveled into the harsh and extreme conditions of nature to a fantasy place where emotions would be physically cultivated and grown.  

the good, the bad and the posthuman

…It planted itself with utmost curiosity for it's new surroundings that stand altered again (…) for now it needs to flex different parts of it's back and spine to forcefully start feeling comfortable.

Throughout the years human chased its dream
to be better, faster, stronger
to have more, instant, longer
The instant manifestation of new and superior.

Hyper evolution emerged as the defense mechanism of the living, to survive & begin to thrive again. Adaptational skills of different life-forms reached the hyper speed, allowing them to morph accordingly to triggers of ever-fluxing dreams of a human and its technology.

Time Hackers

Are humans capable of living in harmony with AI technology? What if there is a way to escape malnutrition, diseases, unemployment and the overall mundane existence of our times?

The Church offers a possibility of an everlasting virtual life, a heaven just the way you always imagined it. For a fixed price to the lord, through intelligent learning algorithms we craft for you an everlasting peace. Upon the acceptance of conversion, the individual agrees to leave their body as a donation to the church. For the first time you have the possibility to communicate with the living and post-living regardless on which side you currently reside. Through a subscription, your loved ones can just log on to the database and visit you anytime.

Because of the shortage of space in the Icelandic cemeteries, and the scarcity of resources in the world, we provide a sustainable solution, removing the guilt of consumption.

Moving Targets

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